Daisy Model 21 Double Barrel BB Gun, Reg. #B3207 SOLD


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Daisy Model 21 Double Barrel Serial No. B3207.  I had this gun serviced by daisydoctor, Jim Dry.  Jim reported this gun was the 2,162nd gun manufactured  at 12:25 P.M. on October 19, 1967. Production ran from 8/30/67 to 4/04/69. A total of 71,997 Model 21’s were produced. It took Daisy until 1972, to sell them all.

Gold inlay is Excellent!  Jim cleaned, greased, oiled and installed a new set of seals. It was test fired: L-326.4 & R-330.6 fps. Everything works-safety and barrel latch lever work correctly. Some marks and scratch on the left side of the Receiver, but overall in Excellent condition.  I double box for shipping.

$800 + shipping. You may email me at larry@flatwatertoys.com with questions or give me your Zip Code where you want the gun shipped and I can give you the cost for shipping.  I prefer Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks or you check for payment. Thank you.

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