About Flatwater Toys

I started collecting the toys I had growing up in the 50’s. Cowboy toys were a big part of my toy box. My collection started with Cap Guns, Rifles, BB Guns, and Cowboy Guitars. I moved on to Cowboy Radios, Record Players, Lamps, Wind-ups, and Pony Saddles. Each of these areas brought me in contact with similar items that weren’t Cowboy. So I have Tube Radios, Picture & Sound Record Players, Double Barrel BB Guns, Marionettes, and of course Trains. My Trains are 1970 – 2000 Lionel and MTH in O, Standard, and G gauge and also Buddy L original and T Reproduction. Included is Pressed Steel Floor Trains along with Fire Trucks and straight and semi Trucks. My collection has evolved over the last  30 years with most of it stored away. In 2006, I built a show window in a retail gift store where each month I build a new display of some part of my collection. This has helped me begin to organize and photograph my collection. I’m not an expert in any single subject, but as I research each area before collecting I have built an extensive network of individuals who are experts in their particular area. Everything I display is for sale and I enjoy sharing experiences with the folks I’ve had the opportunity to meet. I welcome your questions about what I have on my website as well as items you’re looking for. I have over 2000 items I don’t have shown so I may have what you’re looking for. I try to have my prices reasonable for today’s market for the condition and rarity of the item. If you would like to make an offer for something you’re interested in, let me know and maybe we can work something out. Thank you, Larry