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New and complete in Original Box, Blue with Darker Blue fenders and tanks, 1998 MIC Auto Transport, #51/150 produced. I also have this same truck New & Complete #124/150.

In an April 27,1998 letter, Fred T. wrote approximately 60 of the 150 MIC Auto Transports were Two-tone Blue with light blue pin stripping.

$1350 + Cost for Priority Shipping. Email me at your shipping address and I can give you the shipping cost. I prefer Cashier’s Check, Money order or your check. I ask for 3% “convenience fee” to be added if you pay with PayPal.

I have the “50’s” cars complete with title and box, mostly Vettes and T-Birds $45.00 each. Some Buicks and Cadillacs.

Thank you, Larry

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