Rare Nichols G-45 Gold Plated Stallion Mark II Cap Gun-Unfired SOLD


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Nichols Stallion Mark II G-45 Gold Cap Gun. Rare, Only 200 were made! Comes with Transparent White Pearlescent Grips on the Gun. The Pearlescent Blue Grips have Never been installed on the Gun! The Six spare cartridges have never been removed from the clip (except one for a picture). Caps were never used with the six cartridges in the cylinder.  Gun was played with only on special occasions and then put away.  I’m sure the trigger has been pulled but cartridges have always been in the cylinder.

There are No Issues in its operation or appearance i.e. no cracks. The gun works perfectly.  TG 422, page 274 in Schleyer’s book “Collecting Western Toy Guns”.

The correct G-45 Box has Issues and I’m sure is not the original G-45 Box for this particular gun because it is not reflective of the special care given the gun. I think I mistakenly included it with another G-45 I sold in the past. The lid is loose from the base and has a split corner among other issues (pictured). This original box is Rare but is used.

Sell/Ship Only in the Continental 48 United States.  Shipping Box is 14x10x6  weighs 4 lbs.  I prefer Money Orders, Cashier Checks, or Personal Checks.  I add 3% for PayPal.  Thank You, Larry


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in