Mattel Colt 6

Good Afternoon, I have a mattel colt 6 shooter rifle that is in excellent condition and working order. It has been stored since the 60's everything is working as original however, the box has some knife stabs in it. Other than the knife stabs,the box is in mint condition too. Can you please email us a value for this item. We may be interested in selling this rifle. I have attached some pictures, also included a san toy tin submarine and a marx wind up train all in working order. Sincerely,


Hello Gary, I would start at $400, There has been similar one with a better box on ebay that has been listed for over a year at $700. The fact the box is damaged really hurts the value because it is the box and not the rifle that is so difficult to find in excellent condition. The rifle itself is not rare, but the condition if it doesn’t show any wear will help the price. It is also very helpful that you have five of the Shootin’ Shells which will help attract buyers. Thanks,